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Our No BS Sales Strategy™ Has Transformed 1,823 (and counting) Average Sales Professionals Into

Elite Top-Performing Champions

That’s because what we do here is the real deal

Want to Know WHY Our

No BS Sales Strategy™

Works So Well?

Because we don’t just give you a bunch of tactics and call it a day.

Great sales tactics ALONE don’t get results.

Here’s what does (OUR PROCESS):

✅   We teach a radical new way of selling that leverages collaboration while completely eliminating pressure, hard-selling, manipulation and ‘cheesiness’ while providing a great experience for both you and your prospects

✅   This is supported with battle-tested modern tools that identify what’s holding you back, shows you how to get more productive stuff done, and catches any red flags that might be slipping under your radar

✅  Then we show you how to make better, faster, smarter decisions in your sales activities, hold you accountable as you turn your goals into actions, and guide you to make sure you turn those actions into amazing results

✅  And once all that is in place, we stick with you to help you use your new integrity-based sales framework to find much-needed balance in both your personal and professional life

Our clients call us the Navy Seals of sales coaching because champion-level coaching leads to champion-level results.

The professionals who work with us are more than just ‘salespeople’ – They’re also parents, spouses, little league coaches, friends, volunteers, and a whole lot more.

They don’t just want financial success. They want success with everything in their lives.

Our team can push you to achieve more – faster than you ever thought possible.

So the only remaining question is: Are YOU ready to accelerate like this?

Don’t just take our word for it

What our clients have to say

All these people once sat where you are right now – and they took action. Will you?

“IT was a no-brainer”

“You might be great at whatever it is you do, but NO ONE can be great at everything. I learned this the hard way. I was obstinate and stubborn. I figured no one knew how to sell my services better than I did. What I didn’t realize was how I was self-sabotaging my own success and didn’t even realize it.

I use an Accountant for my taxes because she is more knowledgeable about it than I am. I have an Attorney for my legal needs because he is more knowledgeable about the law than I am. So it was a no-brainer to work with a sales coach who knows sales better than I do. Revolution Selling has been that for me.”

– Bob Scoggin

Bob sells financial consulting solutions

“more consistent earnings”

“I hadn’t grappled with the reality of what it means to really means to invest in your sales strategy.

To me, I just figured sales was something I could handle with better tactics or leveraging more referrals.

Boy was I wrong.

Revolution Selling changed me in ways that I didn’t expect and put me on a more rewarding path to more consistent earnings, and they did it a heck of a lot faster than I had anticipated.”

– Kevin Kinsey

Kevin sells human resources solutions

“Like Getting Hit In the Head”

“What became very clear to me right away was how much I didn’t know about what was holding back my income growth. It was like getting hit in the head with a brick.  

For me, working with Revolution Selling has been amazing. These guys are the real deal.”

– Dan Hansell

Dan sells advertising

“I feel better”

“I wanted someone to help me restructure my entire approach, not just give me a stack of fancy ‘closing scripts’. I had what I thought were some pretty decent performance numbers, but it was like night and day after I worked with Revolution Selling.

I feel better knowing I’m not alone anymore and that I have a team I can rely on to keep me performing at my best.”

– Norman Gonzalez

Norman sells financial services

“Best damn investment”

“I didn’t have a framework that was reliably delivering me the quality of new sales I wanted. It was just a constant grind to win every new deal.

Not any more. The thing is, I didn’t know what I didn’t know – I just assumed that my sales process was as it should be, and that my conversion numbers were in line with industry norms.

I am breaking sales records every month; each month I’m seeing 15-18% growth in my new booked revenues – PER MONTH! This has been the best damn investment I’ve ever made and I’m not spewing bullshit.” 

– Todd Chasteen

Todd sells IT solutions

“YOU GAVE ME freedom'”

“You gave me freedom! I am winning more clients now because I am selling smarter. I have a much lower stress level because I can predict with reasonable certainty what my booked sales ratio is going to be each month (something I could never have done before).

I have a greater and more steady income stream and a stronger conversion level with prospects because I’m not winning or loosing sales based on price anymore; I actually am winning more new clients at prices higher than my competitors, which just sounds bizarre unless you have the knowledge of why your customers buy in the first place (thank you Revolution Selling!).”

– Andy Grant

Andy sells software-as-a-service

Ready to write your own success story?

“There’s nothing like it”

“Revolution Selling is a beautiful blend of meat, coaching, and support. It’s a great program that has helped me understand and deploy a more effective method of selling my services that has nearly doubled my personal income while drastically reducing the fiction points in my sales process.

There’s nothing like it.

– Jenna Vinson

Jenna sells merchant services

“1000x more valuable”

“Before Revolution Selling, I had no real pipeline (I DID have pipeline but it was mostly bullshit prospects with near zero closing potential). I was all over the place with no real gameplan on how I was going to reach my growth targets.

Since then, my results continue to prove 1000x more valuable than the investment.

– Tom Lee

Tom sells technology consulting services


“Revolution Selling has been the biggest ROI and the best professional decision I’ve made in years. I’ve invested thousands into so many different “sales programs” over the years and none of them were able to really measureably make a difference.

But these guys were different; it felt kind of strange how I had to just ‘let go’ of nearly all the tactics I was using, but when I started seeing results almost out of the gate it felt like I had struck gold.

Turns out the biggest obstacle to my success was ME and I didn’t even realize it.

Thank you to the Revolution Selling team for guiding me to my greatest year ever. I will forever be grateful.”

– Derrick Mayo

Derrick sells web-design services

“There is nothing better”

This was by far the best sales coaching program I’ve ever been in, and I’ve been in a number of them. It wasn’t overnight results, but I’m trending in the right direction and at my current rate of growth I’ll see about a 30% increase in my income for this year.

First, the program is a bit cathartic to be honest. It took me a bit of time to accept the fact that sales, much like a surgeon or a sculptor, is a specialized skill that you can’t properly learn from just reading books or taking courses – you need to be in the trenches to really get it.

If you think you already have sales all figured out, these guys will definitely reset your thinking in ways you won’t see coming. In my professional opinion, there’s just nothing better than Revolution Selling if you are serious about mastering the sales game.”

– Todd West

Todd sells accounting services

“It was a mini-miracle”

“I was sick of seeing all the mega-hype programs promising 10x this, 20x that – they are all bullshit.

Not here. This was the real mccoy. There is so much information, so much packed into it.  And the coaching – I’ve gotten more out of the coaching sessions than all the endless hours I have wasted over the years dealing with frustrating sales managers and even more frustrating sales courses

This Revolution Selling thing is a mini-miracle.

– Don Israel

Don is a sales executive in the financial industry

“mental growth is the prize”

“The income transformation is just a bonus. It’s the mental growth that is the real prize.”

The fact that I am now having company leadership reach out to tell me they’re inspired by me, I am a ROCKSTAR of a sales pro now and I’m playing on a whole new level.”

– Rhonda Morales

Rhonda sells consulting services

Still scrolling? Or are you ready to accelerate?

non-believer to believer

“It’s been 142 days. I’ve won more new deals than I did all last YEAR. I’m a machine. I’m a Jedi. I’m unstoppable. I’m HAPPY. I’m fulfilled. I’m FREE.

I was a staunch non-believer in sales coaching – and now this non-believer is a true believer.”

– Martin Blevins

Martin owns an energy services brokerage firm

“well worth the investment”

“The sales strategy that Revolution Selling gave me has provided me with the exact framework I needed to design and build a client delivery system that matched my vision. Their support is outstanding and the resources available for scaling my growth are unparalleled. My work with them has been well worth the investment.

– William Copland

William operates a national shipping company

“I have crushed my goals”

“You guys are awesome. I now go into every selling situation like a matador walking into the ring with mustard on my sword.

I have crushed every income, performance and milestone goal I had for myself in 2022 as a direct result of your help.

Here comes 2023 and I’m in beast mode.”

– James Block

James works in the automotive industry

“Why wait?”

Surrounding yourself with these kinds of people will only make you better.

My philosophy all along has been I’m humble enough to know I don’t know everything. I’m constantly looking for ways to grow and to seek out more. When I looked at Revolution Selling, I said, this looks bold, this looks different – so why wait? There’s no reason to wait. I need to get in. I need to start learning about this. This is an opportunity to accelerate in a way that I should be doing.

– Bill Hester

Bill is a sales manager for a manufacturing company

“changed my life”

The conventional way of selling was putting me head to head with aggressive competitors that continued to undercut my pricing, so the only way I was winning new clients was through timed pricing windows and incentives. Yikes.  

I tried so many programs that didn’t work. Revolution Selling changed my life and relationships. Today I secure more new clients a lot easier than I did before – and they are solid clients, not ‘let’s hope this guy doesn’t cancel’ clients. The results I’ve achieved are something you cannot imagine in your wildest dreams until it becomes a reality for you.

– Russell Vincent

Russell sells shipping and transportation services

“Run, don’t walk, and join”

I am an extremely discerning person – I am willing to make outsized investments in my growth and professional development, and when I do I expect excellence in return.

I can tell you: Revolution Selling is the real deal.

The level of professionalism and integrity I’ve seen from them is unparalleled.  The content, training, and resources that they provide are relevant, up-to-date, well-designed and what you need to effectively grow your performance.

Run, don’t walk, and join this program.”

– Jeff Hass

Jess sells commercial HVAC equipment

Still not convinced?

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If you still need one good reason to watch this free training, here’s three of them:

To Accelerate

Because you will discover how you can build breathtaking results and win more sales by selling through collaboration vs. coercion

to advance

Because you don’t make exceptional progress just by talking about it – you make it by taking intentional and consistent action

to achieve

Because exhilarating change and lasting growth happen when you are properly challenged and supported both mentally and emotionally


Sales as profession has been broken for many years. And it’s being made worse by fake gurus peddling magic-bullet solutions or high-pressure coercion tactics.

We are determined to stand above this noise and be a haven for sales professionals who want genuine, honest help improving their results and finding stronger balance in their lives without relying on methods that sacrifice of their integrity.

When sales is an honorable exercise, it makes everyone involved better for it.

our track record

1,800+ sales professionals trained, coached, instructed and supported

1,100+ have added at least $50,000 to their income by working with us

400+ have added at least $100,000

98.1% client satisfaction rate (we’re not perfect but we try our best)

Thousands of dinner tables attended on-time, vacations enjoyed, children’s activities attended, goals achieved, promises kept, and so much more.

our why

Striving to build a better world one sales professional at a time.

Badasses like you have a blast radius of about 150 people: Spouse, family, friends, and more. When we achieve our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of helping 10,000 sales professionals achieve their goals, we know that means more than 1,500,000 families, companies, and the world-at-large will have been positively impacted.

That will be our “mission accomplished”.

Your Training Host:  J Michael Tibor

J Michael is the founder & CEO of Revolution Selling. With more than 28 years of in-the-trenches sales leadership, he’s helped over 1,800 sales professionals, business owners and professional service providers grow their incomes, find balance in their personal and professional lives, and achieve life-changing goals.

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[ And Probably Why You’re Here To Begin With… ]

If you’re like most sales professionals, entreprenuers or professional service providers, you know DEEP DOWN INSIDE that your sales strategy needs work.

Unless you’re:

✅ Closing sales with cold prospects in just one conversation (even if your product/service is $5k, $10k, $20k or higher)

Diffusing most buyer objections up front and before the prospect even bring them up

✅ Able to win new sales consistently without ever being manipulative, pushy or ‘cheesy’

…. Your sales strategy NEEDS WORK!

And we can help!

But let’s face the facts:  If you’ve made it all the way down here on this page and you STILL haven’t been able to decide whether or not you should watch the free training, that’s a pretty clear red flag that you might not be ready for the kind of acceleration we deliver here.

You arrived at this page for a reason: Clearly want to fix something in your life – maybe you want more income, maybe you want less stress, maybe you want greater peace of mind. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure:  

You’re never going to get any of those things if you keep doing the same things that you’re doing now.

Can you honestly say you are absolutely confident in your ability to meet your income goals this year? Or next year? Or the year after that?

How many hours have you wasted trying to piece together various sales tactics, strategies and ideas on your own?

How much money have you spent (wasted!) buying different sales books and courses – and yet you still can’t break free from your current income level?

So here you are, still searching, still hoping, still wishing for a better life …

Maybe it’s time asked yourself:  

“Am I going to continue to allow myself to be imprisoned by my excuses … OR am I finally ready to take action and break free?”


Any sales figures referenced are our sales figures or those of our most exceptional clients. Please understand none of these results are typical, and we are not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). We have the benefit of practicing sales training can coaching for 20+ years, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any online coaching or training information gets little to no results. We are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors … including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All coaching and training entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action to get any kind of results. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT attempt to work with us.

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