Accelerate.  Advance.  Achieve.

The Revolution Selling Academy will take you to the pinnacle of both personal and professional achievement


finding the right sales coaching program is tough

  • Do you wish you had a group of professionals you could count on for help?
  • Are you exhausted trying to learn and do everything on your own in your attempts to find a reliable, consistent way to grow your sales results?
  • Have you reached the point of being fed-up using sales tactics that are 30, 40, 50+ years old and rely on outdated ideas, approaches and methods?
  • Do you wish you had a board of advisors who could provide you with tailored, focused attention to drive your accountability and ultimate success?
  • Are you tired of books, courses, or masterminds that are all talk and no action?

We get it ( done )

So much more than just another ‘sales coaching’ program

You might be thinking: I’ve seen sales coaching or training programs before – what is so special about this? What will I get here that I won’t get anywhere else?

First of all, this isn’t button-down shirts and khakis sitting around talking about ‘clever sales theories’ that no one has actually tried in the real world …

This is not someone screaming at you to have a ‘positive attitude’ as they push you with the ‘rah rah’ noise of fake motivation …

This is not giving you some ‘cool closing script’ that promises to turn you into a rainmaker overnight …

The Academy is about resetting the fundamentals of how you sell. About mastering the part of sales that is managed not with tactics but with your mind.

This is drinking from the fire hydrant. This is the real deal. 

This is what works.

You’re either excited or you’re scared.  Either way, this is the place to be if you’re serious about success as a sales professional.

You already know it can be tough getting to the top. We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be – because we’re going to help you get there.


If you are looking for a ‘tooth fairy’ solution that you can put under your pillow and magically get results overnight, this program is not for you.

We focus on what matters.

We use the tools and do the work.

We put our egos away and ignore distractions.

We swear occasionally.

And we get results.


Before I joined, I didn’t really understand why my customers bought from me.  This helped me evolve that mindset – and my income has skyrocketed along with it.

Ray Lamm

I had very specific challenges for me to get to the next level. I was so grateful that my sales career had reached a comfortable income benchmark, but there was so much I didn’t know about the next phase of growth.  Revolution Selling gave me what I needed to get there.

Michael Boehmer

why join?

add years to your life,

time to your calendar,

and dollars to your bank account

In just three short months



You can simultaneously improve your sales results, fuel your health, nurture your relationships, and understand what drives you – if you have the right tools, mindset, and support.

We will strategically and systematically focus on serving the important aspects of your life and show you how you can effectively do the same as we take you to the razor-sharp apex where financial freedom and abundance meet esteem, joy, fulfillment, and impact.



Still using high-pressure sales tactics that make you look (and feel) like a carnival barker?

It’s time you rid yourself of those outdated tactics and replace them with integrity-based customer-centric strategies. 

You will convert more sales faster and easier, reduce your frustrations, and be amazed at how much your income and self-confidence will skyrocket when you stop using manipulate tricks to get people to buy and start using strategies that leverage your integrity. 


battle-tested Tools 

Every sales professional is unique, but they often run into the same rabbit holes. The tools we give you is geared to keep you out of those traps and get shit done.

Forget dusty ‘goal sheets’ – we’ll give you modern tools that will identify what’s holding you back, see how to get more productive stuff done, and catch red flags that might be slipping under your radar.

You’ll experience acceleration at its finest – and its fastest – when you have clear plans and can make confident decisions.


real COACHING by real people

Everest climbers have sherpas.  Formula One drivers have pit crews.  And now you have world-class coaches to hold you accountable as you turn your goals into actions, and actions into results.

Find how fast you can go when pushed – and how much more you can do when you’re not doing it alone as you’re guided by driven, focused ‘been there, done that’ coaches who will help you make better, faster, smarter decisions about your growth – with fewer mistakes.

Badasses know that trying to get to the top as the lone wolf is the long, hard, slow way.  THIS is the easier, faster, better – and proven – way. We won’t give up on your success – and we’ll push you to make sure you don’t ever give up on yourself.


SCOREBOARDS that matter 

You deserve to know when you’re crushing it – and also when you’re dropping the ball.

The results you get are created by you, not us. You have to identify your desired outcomes, show up, master the relevant tools we give you, implement what will teach you – and then drive all of it to the finish line with tactical execution.

You own the outcome; we are the sherpas, the Formula One pit crew responsible for giving you the best help and coaching we can.  And we guarantee it will be world-class, exhilarating, and astonishing. 

buckle down – and buckle up.

Do you have what it takes to accelerate like this?

Still not sure?  Keep scrolling for more details.


Every client at Revolution Selling is more than just an exceptional sales professional.

They’re also parents, spouses, little league coaches, friends, volunteers, and more.

They don’t want to just 10x the success they have with their incomes. They want to 10x the success they have with everything.  

Our team is ready to push you 10x further and faster than you ever thought possible.

The question is:  Are you?


Don Melcher

Management Consulting

“A lot of sales professionals (myself included) tend to think they can do it all on their own. That they can be self-taught and that’s enough to make it to the summit. But that makes about as much sense as trying to become a combat pilot by watching snapchat videos.

I made the investment in myself and dove head-first into your program. I was nervous. I was uncertain. But today, I’m exhilarated – I love how my life looks now.”

Suzanne Palmer

Financial Services

“You heard me! After spending years (literally) bouncing around from one sales coaching program to another in search of the real thing, I found Revolution Selling and thought maybe – just maybe – this could be the one that solves it all for me.

And I wasn’t disappointed.  You took the time to actually listen to my situation and outlined a realistic plan to get me to where I wanted to be.”



I now thoroughly enjoy what I do every day, personally and professionally. It is not a drain anymore. It energizes me to be where I am, to be serving my clients versus ‘pitching’ them, and to enjoy the moments I have with my family and friends when I’m outside of work.

And I’ve literally doubled my income in less than a year. Impressive to say the least.”



“The biggest result of working with Revolution Selling has been how I have been able to bring my company’s services to so many more clients simply by leveraging my integrity. Gone are the days of doing battle-style selling where I would ‘box’ prospects into making buying decisions; I can now win more sales with better clients at higher prices and never once have to rely on using one single manipulative tactic to do it.

This has been the game-changer of game-changers. Thank you!”

Javier Smith


“What can I say? The Revolution Selling Academy worked for me. Let me add this: The program isn’t a magic bullet solution. You have to show up. You have to work. You have to put aside the fear of doing things differently. But if you do all of those, your life can really change.

Ok sure I have doubled my income, but I am more relaxed now. I have balance. I feel stronger, more agile, more prepared. Those are blocks I have wanted to bust through for years. They truly deliver a transformative program and I don’t think there’s another sales coaching program out there that can compare.

Ray Jackson

Real Estate

“Revolution Selling has become my personal board of advisors. Within a year of first entering their program, I’ve been able to see a nearly 70% increase in my income with about half the effort, which has given me the ability to spend more time with kids. You can’t put a price on that.”

Do you have what it takes to accelerate like this?


To preserve the integrity and acceleration of the Academy, participation is reserved only for sales professionals who are committed to contribution, high-performance and achievement.


To truly benefit from the kind of acceleration we deliver here, it’s very important that you are not starting from scratch:

Do you have a firm understanding of sales fundamentals, real-world experience working in a direct sales role, and a rock-solid work ethic?


Success isn’t a passive hobby for you – it’s something you have made a blood-pact with yourself to achieve.

And we’re not just talking about financial success, but the success that comes from having healthy relationships, life-work balance and personal satisfaction.

Do you seek (and see the immense value in) an intensive coaching program that understands where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go?


Quick fixes and short cuts never produce long term success – so we only work with people who are willing to play the long game in creating their best life of purpose, productivity and prosperity.

Your participation in such a program demands an appropriate investment of time, effort, and skin in the game.  

Are you ready, able, and excited to invest the time, effort, and funds to get the best from your sales performance, your life, and yourself – starting now?


Top achievers in every field work with a coach because producing excellence consistently, predictably and repeatedly requires embracing sound council.

Are you ‘coachable’? (Are you willing to take a new perspective, do “the work”, and are thick-skinned enough to handle an occasional swift kick in the butt if you’re not living up to the commitment you’ve made to yourself?)


If you are going to participate in a program of this caliber, you can’t do it half-ass:  You must be all in, and that starts with having support at home.

Have you discussed the potential of participating in this program with your partner or spouse – and are they just as excited to take this journey with you?


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investment options


$ 4,995



6 ×  $ 995


All qualified applicants receive a complimentary 45-minute pre-enrollment coaching session so you can experience the support, value, advice, and (if needed) swift kick in the pants we provide to every Academy Member – even if you decide not to become one.

why I joined the academy:

I had very specific challenges for me to get to the next level. I was so grateful that my sales career had reached a comfortable income benchmark, but there was so much I didn’t know about the next phase of growth.  Revolution Selling gave me what I needed to get there.

Michael Boehmer

Whether you choose just one thing to zero-in on or you decide to leverage all the elements and tools, the results will be life-altering.  At least they were for me.

Charles Long

You weren’t kidding – this program is incredible.

And the tools – so simple yet so powerful.

Harold Rexroad

I got a fresh look at what I should be doing differently to get more results; it’s so much deeper than learning new tactics – I’m a whole different (and better) person now.

Emily Collins

Good stuff.  I learned several new things from this.  Some of the most clever things sounded too simple, too easy; but they delivered beyond my expectations.  I guess I wasn’t too old to learn new tricks (haha). 

Robert Pierce

It took me from running solo in the wilds of the sales jungle to feeling like I was part of a “band of brothers”, a community. It REALLY has changed everything for me.
Howard Gilmore

You heard me! For the first time ever someone took the time to understand my sales challenges and showed me how to overcome them.
Rhonda Morales

You guys are awesome. I go into every selling situation now like a matador walking into the ring with mustard on my sword.

My income has more than doubled in less than a year – still can’t believe it.

James Block

Before I joined, I didn’t really understand why my customers bought from me.  This helped me evolve that mindset – and my income has skyrocketed along with it.

Ray Lamm

I’ve been managing salespeople for three decades now and this program has given me, no bullshit, more ‘what the hell’ moments about sales than I’ve ever had in my entire career.  

I never get impressed by sales coaching programs – I’ve seen them all and never find anything new until I found this.  

This goes far beyond sales tactics and closing strategies. This is perspective. This is power. This is the tip of the sword.

Bill Melton

I am booking more sales now than the others guys in my office who are more than twice my age and who have decades more sales experience.

Revolution Selling felt like I had my own set of Jedi masters helping me; sometimes I didn’t like what I was hearing, but I NEEDED to hear it if I was going to break past my self-limitations.

To others considering this program, I would tell them to walk, don’t run, and join now.

Chris Gibsom

I had mixed feelings when I first joined.  It was a little rough at first to really get my head around the idea that what was stopping me from achieving my income goals had more to do with my personal life than my professional one.  

I began seeing noticeable results faster than I had anticipated. I’m very grateful you guys stuck with me and didn’t give up on me when I was ready to give up on myself.

Josh Lewis

It’s not just 10x the results. It’s 10x the resources.

The first part of the program – the self-assessment – is insanely valuable – there is so much information, so much packed into it.  It was a mini-miracle session that distilled the knowledge I’ve needed to achieve my income aspirations.

And the coaching – I’ve gotten more out of that than all the endless hours I have wasted over the years dealing with frustrating sales managers and even more frustrating sales courses. 

Don Israel

show up. do the work. get results.

get more done in 3 months

than you have in 3 years

Everything we do at Revolution Selling is geared to get it done.

How did you get down here ?!?

You arrived at this website for a reason. Clearly you want to fix something in your life – maybe you want more income, maybe you want less stress, maybe you want greater peace of mind.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure:  You’re never going to get any of those if you keep doing the same things you’re doing now.

How much have you already spent on sales books, seminars, workshops, and courses – and yet you still haven’t achieved your goals?

Can you honestly say you are absolutely confident in your ability to meet your income goals this year? Or next year?  Or the year after that?

How many hours have you wasted trying to piece together various sales tactics, strategies and ideas on your own – and yet here you are, still searching, still hoping, still wishing for a better life?

So ask yourself:  Are you going to continue allowing yourself to be imprisoned by your excuses – or are you finally ready to break free?